This website presents the art of Peter Lavetti - photographer, painter, draftsman and digital artist.

Tips For Viewing This Website

The best way to view this website is on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Cell-phones (smartphones) are not good. What can you really see on this tiny screen?

Any subject can be searched for on this website. If it exists here, it is easy to find it. Use any search engine, like Google: Type in the search window " Peter Lavetti, " followed by the subject(s); then hit RETURN or ENTER. You will find it at the top of the listing that appears.

Most of the images on this website were created using a CRT monitor, and then color-corrected and value-corrected (brightness relationship corrected) to be presentable on an LCD display. Therefore, they should be viewed on an LCD display. Even better, the LCD display should be set to the highest resolution possible, calibrated, and then dimmed a little so as to be comfortable and not too bright.

Some images on this website may be enlarged (zoomed in to) as much as 300% on your screen.

Note: If your calibrated profile makes the display too dark or gives it a color cast, the next best option is to use the display's default color profile (the one it originally came with).

Peter Lavetti

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