This website is a part of the company Fotografía Peter Lavetti C.A.  Founded in Caracas,
Venezuela in 2001 by Peter Lavetti, José Gonzalez Ardila, and Flabio H. Cortes Escobar.
Published in the official gazette Repertorio Forense July 4, 2001 (No. 12.513-2).  RIF: J-30895093-9. NIT: 0233431699.
Website designed by Peter Lavetti. Read his biography here.

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Gabriel Soto Pacheco
Soto & De Simone
Torre Lincoln, Piso 6, Ofic. i
Av. Abraham Lincoln
Esq. Gran Avenida, Sabana Grande
Caracas 1050 - Venezuela
Tel. 58.212.793.5337 / 58.414.264.8515
Fax. 58.212.793.6880

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This is the first and only OFFICIAL WEBSITE for Peter Lavetti's art. It was launched on the
World Wide Web on June 2, 2006.


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