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American Face (ca.1990)
The Art Collector  (ca. 2003)
The Artist's Left Hand (2002)
The Bath (ca.1990)
The Blank Page (2004)
Blue Boxer (1990)
A Broken Clock (1993)
Celebrity (1990)
Chiselled Face (ca.1990)
City Girl (1990)
Degas and The Rats  drawing  (2009)
Degas and The Rats  sketch  (2009)
Design From a Majolica Plate (1993)
Dog Behind the Wall (2000)
Dog Behind a Wall  (ca. 2000)
Figurine (ca. 2003)
Flower Pot (1989)
Flower, with digital fly (1989/2014)
Fu Dog  drawing  (ca.1997)
Gazing Girl (ca.1990)
Girl With Cap (#1) (1990)
Girl With Cap (#2) (ca.1990)
Girl With Ponytail (1990)
Headless Man (1991)
Italian Head  (ca.1999)
Peter Lavetti after. . . (31 drawings)
Peter Lavetti drawing of Gio Biondi (1990)
Leaning Tower (ca.1995)
The Lighthouse (2001 or 2002)
Man (strong) (ca.1990)
Man (tired) (ca.1990)
Man With Bandana (1985 or 1986)
Man With a Moustache (1991)
Self Portrait With Mistress  (2004)
Portrait of a Man with a Hooded Garment (1994)
Pouting Girl (ca.1990)
The Repentant Magdalen (1990)
Seated Male Nude (1991)
Self Portrait (1988 or before)
Shot Glasses (2009)
Sleeping Child (ca.1994)
Staring Girl (ca.1988)
Stocky Woman (ca.1991)
Study of a Reclining Arm and Hand (#1) (ca.1992)
Study of a Reclining Arm and Hand (#2) (ca.1992)
Susie Foust With Long Hair (1982)
22 Lines - A Face (1993)
Two Mice Playing (2009)
Ugly Woman With Droopy Boobs (1991)
Venezuela (2003)
Winter Dreams (2001)
A Woman (1988)


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